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If you are a small business owner or startup looking for a creative web designer in Ventura to build you your first website. Or maybe your website looks like it has not been updated since 1999 and your web guy is no where to be found, you've come to the right site.

We build responsive websites that are dynamic, interactive, and search engine friendly. TUF Designs can make you just as TUF in the virtual world as you are in the real world!

No Website, No Business.

Every business needs a website. Just because you've done fine without a website the past 20 years, times are changing, fast! Even if you don't think your products or services can be sold online. Today, there's very little that can't be sold on the web.

If your in business, you should have a website. Period. No question.

But, it's not enough to just have a website. Your site speaks volumes about your business so it must be a professional looking website, responsive or mobile friendly so it works on every size screen. From mobile and tablets to desktop screens. With good content and optimized for search engines (SEO). Designed for 2016.

It may be the first chance you have at making a good impression on a potential customer.

We Design it, you manage it.

CMS (Content Management System)

A content management system, is software that we will install on your web host.
TUF Designs will design and build your CMS website, then will hand over the keys to you to manage it. You then use your browser to log into your website and use it to add articles, photos, pages, or whatever, whenever!

Responsive Web Design

What is responsive Web design?

Responsive Web design also known as mobile friendy web design, “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through. That could be an oversized desktop computer monitor, a laptop, tablet, smartphone screen.

Responsive Web design has become one of the hottest trends in 2015. Due to the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices. More people are using smaller-screen devices to view Web pages.

Why switch to Responsive Web Design.

More people are using mobile devices. A recent study found that 45% of American adults own a smartphone, and 31% own a tablet computer. Smartphone shipments outpace those of regular mobile phones, and tablet growth is surging.

Check out your website traffic and you'll be shocked to see how many visitors are viewing your site through a smart phone or mobile device.

Apps and “mobile versions”:

There are so many different devices today, with so many different screen sizes. In the past, you might have thought of creating an app for your business website. But it’s getting harder to create apps and mobile versions of your site because of the different screen sizes and operating platforms. A responsive web design that is flexible enough to be viewed on multiple devices is the way to go.

Social Media

Social Media is King in 2016!

Social media has played a continuous role in how people interact with each other.
In business, it contributes to how companies interact with customers as well.

In today’s digital world, those who fail to have a good social media presence may see their businesses start to flop.

Social media has become an important tool in reaching a target market, and a lot of platforms have created ways to help businesses reach their audiences through their apps. Social media marketing is MORE valuable than TV ads without the bucks. Reach a large number of people in a cost-efficient manner!

Here are a few of the more popular Social Media apps used for business today:
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

If you are intersted in learning how we can help your small business look beast on social media,
give us a follow on any of our accounts below and let's connect!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gaining visitors to your website increases sales.
And the proper use of SEO is going to help improve the visibility of your website.

Back in the day, people would look through the yellow pages to find the business they were looking for. But today, people are finding businesses through Google and other search engines. Punch in a few key words or phrases, hit search and boom! There it is! Most of the people searching the web may only get as far as the first page of results listed before choosing a website to visit. So you want to make sure that your site appears on that first page and as high in the list as possible so you can get people to click your website link.

Google is the number one search engine used by everyone!
If you want to be found on Google,
your website needs to be on or near the first page of the search results.

• The first page of Google search results gets about 91 percent of the traffic.
• Page two of the search results only sees 4.8 percent.
• Page three gets 1.1 percent.

The best way to get your site as high on the list as possible
is through the use of good SEO strategies and techniques.


Website Hosting and Domain Names

What is the difference between domains vs hosting vs website?

When someone visits your website, they use your domain name ( to view your website. It seems simple, but there is a process that occurs as soon as the visitor presses enter.

The domain is translated into your server IP address (host), then the server sends that user your website files. which their browser represents to them as a web-page. Without each of these 3 elements, you won't really have a web-site.

The three basic parts that make a website are:
Domain Name - Web Hosting Server - Website Files

Domain Names

Computers communicate by using numbers, called IP addresses, to contact each other, much like you use a phone number to dial a specific person's phone. Domain names on the internet are much like entries in a phone book. The phone book tells people looking for a business what the entries are just as a domain tells people (i.e. their computers) that a domain is hosted on the server.


The web-hosting or server is much like the space that you rent out to have your business in. It's merely the space itself. It does not include furnishings like shelves for your products, just as the web-hosting account doesn't include a site for you to sell your products.

Website Files

The site files are what your visitors and potential customers actually see when going to site such as your products and services. The site files are the same as any other file you normally use, like a .jpg photograph, or .mp3 music file. Though, website files are also .php files or .html files, which are PHP scripts or html pages respectively.

Checkout our different hosting plans and domain name availability for your business website.

Don't be the same, be better!

Trends are always emerging in web design. So we're always looking out for what’s on the horizon, both technologically and creatively.

We take the time to ensure that your website is visually appealing and easy for your visitors to use, distinct from your competition, you’ll increase your odds of standing out from the crowds and reaping the business benefits that come along with a well-designed website.

Ease of navigation regardless of what device they browse with. Desktop, tablet or mobile, we will design a site that is custom fit for your business. Along with beautiful graphics, typeography, rich colors and textures.

"Design begins with imagination"