Caricature Drawings

caricature drawings

Cartoon style, hand drawn portraits.

Caricature drawings are cartoon style portraits showing the features in a simplified or exaggerated way.

Give a business caricature to an outstanding employee as a gift or an award. Have a nice boss? Give him or her a caricature drawing.
There’s nothing like a caricature drawing to add humor and attraction to your business brand.

Below is some info to get you started…

How it works.

All artwork is hand drawn digitally on a tablet computer.

We can work from different pictures. As long as the quality of the pictures are good. The better the picture, the better the drawing comes out.

Included with each drawing are several digital files you can use for print on your end. Digital formats included are PDF, JPG, PNG and MP4 (time-lapse video).

Final artwork can be used for t-shirts, mugs, posters or canvas wraps.

Cost for each drawing depends on the details. Backgrounds, people, text and logos add to the cost. One drawing can take 6-10+ hours. Time = money.

Turnaround is based on a first come first serve basis. Usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on the work flow.

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How to place an order.

All orders will need to placed through the form submission or email on our contact page. We are working on a new web page on our website to place orders.

Click contact button to reach out to us for questions or to connect with the artist.

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