Caricature Drawings

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Cartoon style, hand drawn portraits.

Caricature drawings are the perfect way to show appreciation to your fellow colleagues and employees. These cartoon-style portraits capture the unique features of an individual in a simplified or exaggerated manner, making them a fun and lighthearted addition to any workplace.

Impress your team and clients by presenting a business caricature as a gift or award to celebrate your outstanding employee’s achievements. And let’s not forget about the boss! Honor your lovely manager by giving them a caricature drawing that showcases their personality and brings a smile to their face. Not only do these drawings embody a sense of humor and charm, but they can also add a splash of excitement to your business brand. So, why not include a caricature drawing in your next team-building event, marketing campaign, or social media post? Your colleagues and customers will thank you for it!

How it works.

All artwork is hand drawn digitally on a tablet computer.

We can work from different pictures. As long as the quality of the pictures are good.

Cost for each drawing depends on the details such as adding backgrounds, people, text and logos. Extra details add to the cost.

Turnaround is based on a first come first serve basis. Usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on the work flow.

Artwork comes in several digital files. PDF, JPG, PNG and MP4 (time-lapse video) You can use files for t-shirts, mugs, posters or canvas wraps.