Cartoon Drawing Orders



Cost for a cartoon drawing is based on complexity of the drawing. If you would like to add more than one item on the art such as a person or two people, a specific background, text, logo, specific clothing etc., this will effect the cost of the artwork. More time = more money.

Whats Needed

To place an order online, we will need payment in full to add you to the queue.

We can work from different pictures. Upload 1-3 pictures using upload tabs below. Make sure to take pictures in the sunlight and avoid shadows. If you would like to include people in the drawing, send full body shot of person(s) for clothing reference and a face close-up. We will contact you if we need more pictures.


We are busy! Turnaround can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks! Commissions are based on a first come first serve basis. Wait times vary based on workload and complexity of drawing.

Whats Delivered

Artwork is emailed to the client as a printable PDF, JPG and PNG file which can be printed as big as 24″ x 18″ and a time-lapse video file (MP4) of art progress.

We provide the client with a high resolution file. Your prints should reflect this if you make the right choices as to the printer, the quality of paper or other surfaces.

We can also print for and additional fee.

General Prices

Here are general prices of some popular items.

  • Person
    Person $75

    Cartoon drawing of one person.

  • Vehicle
    Vehicle $125

    Cartoon drawing of one car, pickup or motorcycle.

  • Vehiclen & person
    Vehiclen & person $175

    Cartoon drawing of one person & one car, pickup or motorcycle..

  • Vehicle & 2 people
    Vehicle & 2 people $225

    Cartoon drawing of two people one car, pickup or motorcycle..

  • 2 vehicles & 2 people
    2 vehicles & 2 people $275

    Cartoon drawing of two people & one car, pickup or motorcycle.

  • Semi truck
    Semi truck $175

    Cartoon drawing of semi (no trailer).

Cost does not include extras such as backgrounds, text, logos etc.

Place Order

To place an order, fill in your email and upload picture(s) below.

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