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How it works

What is needed to get a drawing...

Cost depends on what you want drawn.

Will there be any people in the drawing or just the vehicle?

How many people will be in the drawing?

Do you want a background?

etc. etc….

Backgrounds, pets, detailed tattoos, custom paint or murals on the vehicle, logos, specific clothing and extra details may run a little more than the general prices.

General prices...

Below are some general prices. Some have the “extra details” listed above.
Prices are subject to change.

  • 1 Vehicle ( bike, car or truck) $125 usd.
  • 1 Person (extra details) $125 usd
  • 2 Vehicles $175
  • 1 Vehicle & 1 person (extra details) $175 usd.
  • 1 Vehicle & 2 people $225 usd.
  • Semi Trucks (extra details) $175 usd.

Get a quote...

I will need a few reference pictures of what you want drawn before I give you a quote.

I can work from different pictures. You don’t need to send any pictures of you on or in the vehicle.

Send a couple of side view shots of the vehicle, a couple of face close-up’s and full body shot with clothing you want to be wearing on the drawing.

Quality of the pictures must be at a good resolution (clear) and good lighting. I can’t draw what I can’t see.

Please make sure to mention if there will be any people or extra details in the drawing.

Make a payment...

I ask that you make payment in full for all orders under $300.
I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo and Cash App. Invoice can be sent upon request.

Once payment is made I will pencil you in.


Commissions are based on a first come first serve basis.
Wait times vary based on my workload and complexity of each drawing.

Turnaround can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. I will make sure to give you a better idea on wait time before order is placed.

What I deliver

When artwork is finished it is emailed to the client as a printable image. Image size will be 24″ x 18″ in a high resolution  jpg or png format. 

I provide the client with a quality digital file. Your prints should reflect this if you make the right choices as to the printer, the quality of paper or other surfaces.

Are you ready?

Get a no-obligation quote now…

Fill in all the required information and send. Please provide as much information as possible for me to help you with your enquiry. I can usually respond to your quote request within 1-2 business days.

Problems with the form? You may contact me directly at email below.