Fast Cars
Low Trucks
Badass Bikes

Cartoon Style Drawings

I draw fast cars, low trucks & badass bikes!

Have your loved one sketched out and capture that smile in a timeless personalized drawing.

If you are looking for a unique gift for someones birthday, special occasion or just for yourself, a cartoon drawing would be perfect!

Each drawing comes in a few different formats that you can print on your end. Or you can order a canvas wrap print from our website.

Drawings for individual use and small businesses


Cartooned style portraits

Give a business caricature to an outstanding employee as a gift or an award. Have a nice boss? Give him or her a caricature drawing.
There’s nothing like a professional caricature to add humor and attraction to your business brand.


From some happy campers

"TUF Designs has been doing work for me for over 14 years! When I opened my new LLC recently, I knew Tom was the person I wanted to help create my logo..."
Donald Dujardin
"Amazing work. Really exceeded my expectations. Already asked for a another design. Highly recommend!"
Nand0__o Alvarez
Nandos Garage
Great service a communication. Fast turn around time. Can't ask for a better service! Love how my logo came out! Thank you Tom!!!
Ariane Urwick
Awesome artist! Really personable & easy to talk with! Explained what I’d like drawn in very few messages, and his drawing came out perfect!!
Rusty Kneeland