Caricature Drawing Prices

caricature drawing prices

Digital "Toon Style" Art

When it comes to our caricature drawing prices, there are several factors to consider. The complexity of the drawing and the amount of time that goes into creating it are the primary determinants of the cost. However, if the artist is asked to include additional details such as a more people, intricate backgrounds, text, custom logos, specific clothing, highly-detailed tattoos, or custom paintwork, such as murals or pinstripes, then the time and cost required to complete the artwork will increase.

For extra details or an intricate design, customer should expect to pay a higher price. Ultimately, the cost of the artwork will be based on what the customer requests. With that being said, here are the general prices for some popular designs without any additional features.

caricature drawing tufdesigns 1
$75 Drawing

Toon drawing of 1 person.

car drawing porche tufdesigns 1
$125 Drawing

Toon drawing of 1 ride.

motorcycle drawing roadglide
$175 Drawing

Toon drawing of 1 person & 1 ride.

harley davidson bikers drawing 1
$225 Drawing

Toon drawing of 2 people & 1 ride.

caricatures harley davidson motorcycles cartoon drawing
$275 Drawing

Toon drawing of 2 people and 2 rides.

truck drawing dump truck
$150 Drawing

Toon drawing of a big truck.

"Side View Special" Caricature Drawing Prices

Looking for a great deal on some fun and unique toon style artwork? Check out our amazing “Simple Side View Special”! With this offer, you can enjoy a fun crafted 2D, side view, toon style drawing of your motorcycle, car or truck at an unbeatable price. Plus, you’ll be saving money in the process!

Simple side view only, not angled like image samples above. Does not cover backgrounds, detailed tattoos, text, logos or custom paint on rides. 

motorcycle toon drawing 75
$75 Drawing Special

Simple side view toon style drawing of one bike, car or truck.

motorcycle toon drawing 95 1
$95 Drawing Special

Simple side view toon style drawing of one bike, car or truck. & 1 person.

motorcycle toon drawing 125 1
$125 Drawing Special

Simple side view toon style drawing of one bike, car or truck & 2 people.

Custom Orders

For all custom orders we ask that you contact us for a quote first. A custom order consists of adding people, specific clothing, pets, backgrounds, text, logos, detailed tattoos and custom vehicle paint.


Full payment is required to secure your spot in the queue. We accept credit and debit card, Apple Pay, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal. There will be a transaction fee for PayPal. Once payment is received we will email me you to confirm payment for your order. 


You will be asked to provide 1-5 pictures for reference via email. Don’t worry if you dont have any pictures of you on/in your vehicle, we can work from different pictures. Make sure the images are well-lit, taken in natural sunlight, and devoid of shadows. If your illustration involves individuals, please send a full-body shot for clothing reference and a close-up of their faces. We will reach out if additional pictures are necessary. 


Our turnaround time ranges from 4 to 8 weeks due to our busy schedule. Commissions are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, and wait times are contingent on our current workload. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Whats Delivered

The artwork is delivered to the client via email in various formats, including a printable PDF, JPG, and PNG file, allowing for printing sizes of up to 24″ x 18″. Additionally, clients receive a time-lapse video file (MP4) showcasing the progression of the drawing. We furnish high-resolution files, and the quality of your prints can be optimized by selecting the right printer and suitable paper or surfaces. For added convenience, we offer printing services for an additional fee. Choose us for a seamless experience from digital creation to tangible, high-quality prints.


Looking to get a illustration for your small business, shop or brand?

We offer other art formats, logo illustrations, designs for commercial use, vector art for silk screen printing or “SVG” files for vinyl cuts.

Let us know what you’re looking to do with the artwork. We’ll steer you in the right direction and make sure you’re all set for whatever creative adventure you’ve got in mind.

Ready to rev up your brand with our “TUF” style? Let us know, and we’ll make it happen!

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About Tuf Designs

TUF Designs started in a small design studio in Ventura, CA. back in 2004. We offered graphic design, illustration, corporate logo design, graphics, web design, printing, you name it. We did it all!

Artwork has always been woven into our services. Whether it was sketching logos or laying out web design mock-ups, drawing was the soul of TUF Designs.

Fast forward to 2019,  we shifted gears, honing in on our true passion—digital art.

Being fascinated in the street art scene and automotive art, our art style has a bit of a uniqueness. Picture street art and graffiti style characters meeting fast cars, low trucks and badass bikes. It’s this fusion that defines our unique style. We’ve carved out a niche, and now our unique art style has become a class of its own.